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HANA-Re is the accommodations only for one set of visitor a day.

We lend the whole one to a guest.

It was built early in the Showa era,we repair the detached room of the private 

house and use it.

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The grove which opens from garden, there spreading out from the en-gawa.

If you take a walk through a garden, there is an effect same as forest bathing.
There is the bath to be able to extend health to relaxedly.

It which nothing which nothing thinks about does is a way of enjoying HANA-Re.

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261, Hanasebessyocho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city

If you use Kyoto Bus, you take bus route "from Demachiyanagi to Hirogawara"

and get off in "hanase-kougenmae".

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